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TMM India is leading producer and supplier of white quartz. We provide Silica Ramming Mass, Quartz Powder, Quartz Granules & Quartz Lumps.

TMM Products

TMM India offers quartzite mineral for ramming mass and other industrial use. Quartzite powder is among the best mineral for ramming mass.

Ramming Mass Products

  • silica Ramming Mass

    TMM India offers best quality silcia Ramming Mass (Quartz). Our product is having more than 99.5% Sio2 making it best product or ramming material for prodction of ramming mass.Read More

  • Quartzite Ramming Mass

    Quartzite is another mineral having superior strength then quartz. We offer best quality quartzite with purity of silcia around 99.5%. Quartzite is now preferred then other ramming mass product. Read More